About Karwan University

About Karwan University

Karwan University’s (KU) aim is to create an environment which supports, prepares, and encourages male and female Afghans to pursue their educational and professional goals at home and abroad. Before KU’s official establishment in 2007 the Karwan Education Group had been teaching Computer Science / IT and Soft Skill English courses throughout Kabul since the late 1990s and that has enabled KU to perfect its teaching methodology through these years.

In 2007, The Karwan University (KU) officially registered with the Ministry of Higher Education providing diplomas in Soft Skills, Information Technology, and in Business Administration in its Koi Marquez campus in Kabul. Since 2007 KU has graduated over 1,500 students in their Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Soft Skill / English Language, Diploma in Business Administration, and Executive Diploma Programs.

Since 2009, KU began offering four-year degrees in Computer Science, Political Science, Law, and Business. KU also offers courses in English and Engineering. In order to provide a higher quality education for our growing student population, a new campus, with an infrastructure that is second to none was built in Deh Buri, Kabul. KU’s new campus is located within the walking distance of Kabul’s major educational centers and facilities. KU graduated its first group of Bachelor’s Degree students in the Spring of 2013 with about 100 plus students. KU employs over 35 full-time and part-time lecturers for the Bachelor’s degree programs. KU offers Soft Skill and Computer courses for FREE to all BBA students as an integral part of  its Foundation Courses and also provide interested students to carry on the course resulting in a Diploma in Information Technology (DEL), Diploma in English Language (DEL), Certificate in English Language (CEL) and TOEFL training.

In late 2016 Karwan University has competed it's high standard campus at the End of Kabul University Road, Kabul, Afghanistan which has been specially designed for education and becomes the first private university in Afghanistan with highest investment. Karwan University's new campus has the capacity to educate 2000 students at the same time, and it has very open space and classrooms.

Karwan University has developed it's new information technology database called mykarwan (my.karwan.edu.af) which is a very customized MIS system for management of students records and all the students can see their lectures online and also they have access to on campus library with more than thousand educational videos.

KU has provided advanced diplomas and certificates in a variety of fields and specialties since 2007. Information Technology (IT) and Business Administration are two of KU’s focus areas; since 2008, KU’s DIT program has graduated over 250 students, with an additional 260 receiving certificates from CIT courses. In 2014, KU expanded the Computer Science Faculty to include a Bachelor’s degree.



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