Bachelor Of Political Science (BPS)

Bachelor Of Political Science (BPS)

In the Bachelor in Political Science you study the urgent issues that the world faces, including migration and economic crises, and terrorist threats. The programme offers a broad orientation in International Relations, Political Economy, acquire in-depth knowledge in one or more disciplines such as international politics, Afghanistan’s politics, Public Policy and Governance, Comparative Politics and Political Theory.
The Bachelor of Science in Political Science offers you a solid intellectual and practical insight into this dynamic world, its challenges and its opportunities. It provides education for the informed, independent, analytical and critical thinkers the world needs. Karwan University offer a genuinely coherent and integrated curriculum that combines a broad disciplinary grounding in political science in all its diversity with flexibility in your choice of subfield specialisation.


Carrer Opportunities

The Karwan University Bachelor of Political Science (BPS) program covers a comprehensive range of political disciplines, giving you the versatility that is much sought after amongst employers. For political science graduates the following are examples of career opportunties:

  • State and federal government
  • National and international business
  • Intelligence community
  • Diplomatic service
  • Foreign affairs

Accreditation and Recognition

This program is accredited by Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan and is fully recognized within Afghanistan, and Internationally for further education and employments.

Structure of the program

The program has 55 subjects, and also the student has the choice to select one of their elective subjects during each semester.

Program Core

Subjects Code Subjects Name Credit Points
PB1110 Principle of politics 2
PB1112 Principle of law 4
PB1114 History of world politics 4
PB1116 International organizations 4
PB1210 Principle of politics 2
PB1212 Basic right 3
PB1214 History of Afghanistan foreign relation 4
PB1216 Principle of economic 2
PB2110 General criminal law  3
PB2112 International Common law                              4
PB2114 History of political thoughts  3
PB2210 Political system in Islam 4
PB2212 Political developments in Afghanistan 3

General Subjects

Subjects Code Subjects Name Credit Points
PG1170 Islamic Study 2
PG1175 English Language 2
PG1270 Islamic study 2
PG1275 Contemporary history of Afghanistan  2
PG2170 Islamic study 2
PG2270 Islamic study 2
PG3170 Islamic study 2
PG3270 Islamic study  2
PG3275 Foreign language (political and legal terminology ) 2
PG4170 Islamic study 2
PG4270 Islamic study 2

Elective and Specialized Subjects

Subjects Code Subjects Name Credit Points
PO1130 Sociology 2
PO1132 Computer 2
PO1135 Statistics 2
PO1230 Political Thought in Twenty Century 2
PO1232 English Language 2
PO1235 Administrative law 2
PO2130 Political geography  2
PP2132 Contemporary democracy and Islamic views 2
PP2135 The causes of backwardness of developing countries 2
PO2230 International agreements  2
PO2232 English Language 2
PO2235 Administrative reform 2
PO3130 Nuclear non-proliferation 2
PO3132 International Law in the Twenty-First Century 2
PO3135 Understanding Third World Politics 2
PO3230 Contemporary Islamic Movements 2
PO3232 Political Sociology 2
PO3235 Local Authority 2
PO4130 Labor rights 2
PO4132 International human rights 2
PO4135 Third World issues 2
PO4230 Leadership Principles 2
PO4232 English language 2
PO4235 Human relations in office 2
PP2150 Contemporary legal system 2
PP2152 Political developments in Afghanistan 2
PP2250 History of international relations 3
PP2252 Politics and government in Middle East  4
PP3150 International politics 2
PP3152 Principle of international relations 3
PP3154 Modern political systems 4
PP3154 Constitution of Afghanistan  2
PP3156 Management and Administration 2
PP3250 Private International Law 4
PP3252 International security 2
PP3254 International economic relations 2
PP3256 Public Finance 2
PP3258 Human rights and international conventions 2
PP4150 Diplomatic law and consul 4
PP4152 World politics 4
PP4154 International Treaties 3
PP4156 International Business Law 3
PP4250 Tools of solving international disputes 3
PP4252 International Economics 3
PP4254 International criminal law 3
PP4256 Human Rights in Islam 2
PP4258 Dissertation 4

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